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Homeopathic weight loss

Homeopathy For Weightloss

Welcome to Faith Homoeopathy Clinic, UK. Explore how homeopathic medicines and our specialised online 12-week program can help you achieve weight loss. Schedule your free online consultation today!

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What Homeopathic Medicines are available for weight loss?

Homeopathic medicine offers several remedies that assist with weight loss. These remedies are selected based on an individual's overall health profile and specific symptoms. Here are some commonly used homeopathic medicines for weight loss:

Appetite Suppressants
Calcarea Carbonica controls cravings and excessive hunger, especially for slow metabolisms with abdominal weight gain. Natrum Mur reduces emotional eating and salty food cravings. Antimonium Crudum curbs appetite and cravings for acidic foods, helping with indigestion.

Metabolism Boosters
Fucus Vesiculosus boosts metabolism, particularly for thyroid imbalances and obesity. Phytolacca enhances metabolism for those with glandular issues. Nux Vomica stimulates metabolism, suitable for sedentary lifestyles and overeating.

Fat Burners
Lycopodium reduces fat around thighs and buttocks, and helps with bloating. Capsicum promotes fat burning, especially for abdominal weight gain. Ammonium Mur aids fat burning in the lower body due to metabolic disturbances.

Hormonal Balance
Graphites supports hormonal balance, especially in menopausal women. Calcarea Carbonica helps with weight gain from thyroid issues and hormonal fluctuations.

Emotional Eating
Natrum Mur reduces emotional eating and salty cravings. Lycopodium helps with cravings for sweets and warm foods.

Digestive Support
Nux Vomica improves digestion for those with overeating issues. Antimonium Crudum helps indigestion and controls excessive appetite.

We help you choose the right remedy to fit your specific needs and overall health. Get started today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you!

For just £150, get an online consultation with our award-winning Homeopathy doctor along with a four-week supply of homeopathic medicine delivered to you

Do you have queries or want to discuss first? Try our free online consultation and talk to the Homeopathy doctor to explore homeopathy to aid your weightloss journey.

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Best and sustainable results are achieved when you combine Homeopathic pills with exercise, right diet and lifestyle changes
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Homeopathic Fat Loss Pills

In the 12-week program, you first meet online and discuss your health needs or any chronic health conditions that you might have with the Homeopathy doctor.  For those over 40, who might have diabetes, high blood pressure, or chronic illnesses like asthma, as well as younger individuals with different health factors like metabolism and lifestyle, all these aspects need to be considered. Based on this thorough evaluation, we will help you choose the best homeopathic medicine for weight loss.


Online Fitness Sessions & Community

To achieve weight loss, staying active is crucial. It's essential to exercise at a level that you can manage, regardless of being wheelchair-bound or having arthritis. You will meet with our fitness instructor online to create a bespoke fitness plan tailored to your needs. Additionally, you will join a weekly online group fitness session and a motivating WhatsApp group. Our expert fitness team will share videos for you to follow along with, ensuring you stay active and engaged in your fitness journey. Move your way to weight loss!


Homeopathic diet plan

Choosing the right food for weight loss is crucial. You will meet with our nutrition expert online and get a bespoke nutrition plan based on your lifestyle and health needs. For instance, if you have conditions like gout or diabetes, you'll require a specific dietary approach to manage your health effectively while losing weight.  You will continue to receive nutrition support in our WhatsApp  support group, where you can share your queries and our nutrition expert will guide you. 


 Bespoke Lifestyle guidance

Lifestyle changes are the key to getting sustainable results. Simple changes like swapping processed foods for vibrant fruits, vegetables, and lean protein or Moving your body for at least 150 minutes a week, finding activities you enjoy. Prioritising 7-8 hours of sleep to regulate hormones that influence hunger. Managing stress through techniques like yoga or meditation to avoid unhealthy cravings. We will help you draft a personalised list of lifestyle changes bespoke for you.

Medicines - Free shipped within the UK

Outside UK: E-prescription issued

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Successful Weight Loss Stories

The weight loss program has been helping many individuals of all ages and genders globally. It assists not only losing weight but in managing chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia and more. Additionally, it supports women with post-childbirth weight loss and addresses PCOD and menopause symptoms. The program also guides youngsters in improving fitness and aids the elderly in enhancing overall well-being. Through its tailored approach, the program ensures personalised support for each participant to achieve their unique health and wellness goals.

Meet the Experts

Dr.Geeta Khubchandani is a dedicated, experienced and UK multi-award winning homeopathy doctor, with over 27 years of experience. Dr Geeta is the Global Chair Of Homeopathy at Ishkama, UK and an Expert Homeopathy Lead at Aarogyam UK. She is a respected member of the Maidenhead Chamber Of Commerce. She is a UK registered and licensed practitioner of homeopathy and founded Faith Homeopathy Clinic in Maidenhead, UK offering both online and in-person consultations. She is a qualified nutritionist and a Yoga instructor.


Her mission is to empower individuals to take charge of their health and discover the profound benefits of homeopathy and holistic wellness.

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Homeopathy Doctor & Nutritionist

Dr Geeta Khubchandani

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Ready to make a change and feel amazing? 

Imagine feeling stronger, healthier, and more confident every day. With our support, you'll get the tools and encouragement you need to succeed. Say yes to a happier, healthier you—join us now and let's get started on this awesome journey together!

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