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homeopathy for blood pressure


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Welcome to Faith Homeopathy-UK offering gentle and effective natural remedies for managing high blood pressure. We work closely with you to understand your health history, lifestyle and symptoms, so we can find the best way to help you feel better.


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Understanding High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, happens when the force of blood against your artery walls is too high. This can strain your heart and blood vessels, so it's essential to keep it under control. While things like healthy eating and exercise are vital, homeopathic medicine offers extra help in managing your blood pressure.


At Faith Homeopathy, we offer effective remedies to help control high blood pressure naturally.


We pick remedies based on your specific symptoms and body type, so they work well for you. For instance, if your blood pressure suddenly shoots up, we might suggest Belladonna. If stress is making your blood pressure high, Nux Vomica could help. Crataegus supports a healthy heart, and Rauwolfia Serpentina is for ongoing high blood pressure symptoms.


With treatment plans made just for you, we can help you feel better and manage your blood pressure worries.

homeopathy medicine for lower blood pressure

Nutrition for
Blood Pressure Management

Nutrition is super important for keeping high blood pressure in check. At Faith Homeopathy, we create personalised nutrition plans to help you get healthier. 

Lifestyle Strategies for Blood Pressure Control

We guide you on how to live better and healthier: Eg-managing stress, exercising regularly, keeping a healthy weight and cutting back on salt.

homeopathy for high blood pressure treatment

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homeopathy for lowering blood pressure

We offer Online & In-person Consultations

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A really easy process and a good experience. I found Dr. Geeta online, was in two minds whether to take on homeopathy. With our world on fast paced mode. Dr Geeta was the right choice, someone who listens to my health concerns and responds appropriately. She takes her time, to analyse with the appropriate advice and medication. I have been a gout patient for the past 19 years and even quit my job in the ME due to chronic pain. Dr Geeta did bring to my attention that I would not see results soon, maybe in the months to come, but noticed in a month of medication. It's been a year since my first visit to the clinic and I can say hand to heart, I have seen a difference. The clinic name "FAITH" is being sure of what we hope for.


Geeta always goes above and beyond to look after our family in the nature of homeopathy. She is so kind, caring and empathetic and nothing is too much for her! Late night medicine pick ups and emergency calls, she is always there for you. We can’t thank her enough for all she has done for our family 🙏


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